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updated December 2014

Please use the contact page or the comments section below to respond to any of these messages.

Email addresses: Once again too much spam has necessitated a change in email address. To contact us, please use the contact form. If you use an old address, your e-mail will just simply disappear into internet limbo and will remain unseen and unread. And some of you would help us (and others) stay a little more spam free by not automatically bulk adding your entire address book to all your social and business networking sites.

Snail Mail address: (updated 18 April 2014) I will be moving (locally) on 7 May. If you need to contact me through regular mail (usually for a letter of good standing) please confirm my current address by asking on the contact form. The address on the bottom of ordination certificates will no longer reach me after my mail forwarding expires in a year.

Disqus Passwords: (11 April 2014) If you use the Disqus comment system and have not changed your password already due to the Heartbleed bug, then it is strongly recommended you do so. Disqus has made the necessary system changes. Please do your bit for your own security.

Search: (19 July 2013) I've started implementing duckduckgo's site search feature - you'll see it in Meditations and Ask the Patriarch. The benefit - no user tracking and no advertising. On the negative side - significantly fewer results. So I'm leaving the google search option open as well. Opinions welcome on this issue.   (DuckDuckGo is now the prime search tool for the site - I'm happy with what it's been doing. And again - no tracking, no advertising.)

Comments: (7 June 2013) A comments section has been added to some pages to see if this will encourage participation. Please help out by getting it going.

As with the google search system, this means you might see advertising as I am using a 3rd party package. Again, I'm not signed up for a kickback so don't feel any need to click just to produce revenue to support this site.

To make this function work effectively, I have had to reduce the site to just one URL - ApatheticAgnostic.com. The other urls continue to exist, but strictly as forwarding urls in a frame. Now to link a specific page, you will need to make sure you are in the ApatheticAgnostic.com page to obtain the full link. Old links previously set up will continue to work, but in the long run, they should be updated.

The alternative to doing this amounted to having a different discussion in each url - and the disqus system is not designed to tie them together.

Search: (31 May 2013) With the end of May update, a search-the-site function should now be available on every page. As I've chosen not to pay for the premium version, you will probably see advertisements and sponsored links when you use search. I'm not signed up for any rebate system - so don't feel the need to click on anything to help fund the site.

For reasons I have yet to figure out, search results do not currently include results from the "graveyard" section of the site. As nobody ever comments on that, it's probably not important. Or perhaps it is the fact that the section is invisible to search that causes the lack of interest.

URL Hosting: (updated 31 May 2013) Due to various problems in the early years of the site with hosting services either unreliable or disappearing, I've been using two hosting services with the various URLs split between them just for the security of knowing I have a back up. Both the services I've used in recent years have been quite reliable - reliable enough to the extent that I am fairly confident that a back-up is unnecessary and I have transferred all to a single host. There is no longer a mirror site.

(Still open) Not related to single hosting, but something I should do is amend my templates and css to size pages according to device (phone / tablet / computer.) I'm overdue to get a little more user-friendly.

One or more volunteers to assist would be appreciated.

CRS Updated (November 2012) Instructions for Bishops revised.

Chat Room: (October 2012) Now closed due to a change in the hosting package for the site.

uctaa.org / dallasagnostics.org: (August 2012) This board has been retired due to lack of interest / activity. The Yahoo board remains open. You can also find us on Facebook. uctaa.org now brings you to the main web site.

Snail Mail Address: The church relocated from Alberta to British Columbia in mid-September 2010. This means the address on ordination certificates issued prior to the move is no longer be accurate. (This has no impact on the validity of the ordination.) If you need the current postal address (usually to provide to a third party who needs for legal reasons to verify in writing that you are ordained), then request it via the contact form.

Contact / E-mail addresses: We regularly change all Church email addresses as one of our precautions against malicious spam and viruses. To contact us, please use the contact form. If you use an old address, your e-mail will just simply disappear into internet limbo and will remain unseen and unread.


Please take a moment to share your thoughts on any of the above messages.

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