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Discussion 2 to Testimony 5
Reply to "Trying not to Care"

by: Belinda Echols

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I understand the wisdom you have acquired with maturity.

As much as I disbelieve Christianity and see the damage it can do to people, I also see that it helps some people. Some people truly are "rescued" by their faith - mainly people who have fallen below the floor of humanity. People who have a lot to be forgiven for, who have harmed those they love through addiction, abuse or violence. People who have dug themselves into pits and need forgiveness, both from others and themselves, seem to find a life raft in Jesus.

True, Jesus may keep them from fulfilling their full potential, but lets face it, they weren't going to be able to do that anyway. Jesus raises them out of the pit and holds them up on the floor, giving them a bit of peace and a reason to live. I don't want to take Jesus away from these people. If they asked me, I would probably say I believed just to not upset them. Not everything about Christianity is negative. I did learn some good things from my faith. The supremacy of compassion over being right is one of them.

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