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Meditation 03
First you live, then you die, and then...?

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What happens when we die? Is that it? Or is there more? Do we come back to live another life? As a human? Or perhaps as a dung beetle? Do we become restless unseen spirits roaming the world? Do we go to heaven or hell? Or do we simply return to the Arcturian mother ship waiting in Mars orbit to carry us back to the home planet.

We don't know. The Church has no formal position on the matter. No-one has come back from being truly dead and reported on the matter. We don't know. But should we care?

Perhaps we should live our lives as if it did matter. Perhaps it would be prudent to manage our personal affairs as if good is rewarded in some way after death, and as if evil is punished.

I'm not suggesting we should waste time in meaningless rituals of worship. But we would be wise to treat those we live with on earth with respect, fairness, and generosity.

Meditation #3a

My personal view is that in all probability, once it's over, it's over. There is nothing after death. Our only hope for immortality is to be remembered.

Looking at my own life, the only thing that I can see being remembered for (beyond the memories of those who know me personally, and who will not live for more than a century after me) is this creation right here - the Church of the Apathetic Agnostic.

Not too much of hope of that is there! But it's nice to imagine that in 10000AD, the current Matriarch of the Church will be educating her daughter in Apathetic Agnosticism , and showing her a hologram of the original web site.

- And this was all created by one man back in the late second millennium, when most people still claimed to believe in gods.

- You mean the official religion of the entire galaxy started here on Earth, mama?

- Yes. His greatness wasn't immediately recognized, but eventually nearly everyone recognized the clearness of his thinking. There are now nearly 900,000 biographies of him in the data-banks.

- But mama, he wasn't such a genius - it says here he didn't believe in an afterlife.

- That's true, but before Earth developed space travel, they did not know about the transmigration of souls between star systems.

- So he must have been really surprised to wake up on that Andromedan star ship?

- Yes, - if anything he had expected it to be from Arcturus.

- Eeeyooou - reincarnated as a galactic dung beetle. How gross.