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Discussion 14 to to Meditation 20
It all sounds confusing

by: Graham Kent

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Prescript (please take time to take me more seriously for I feel it is in both of our best interests and I honestly feel I have the best understanding of these matters that you call meditations and discussions, either about the False Prophet or Creation dates and deconstructing them) We have a long way to go, but please try to understand how I am re-vising re-envisioning "BC" DATING, which is the correct way, the only way.

 I did finally read what others have discussed on Meditation 20 Age of the Earth which is really the question of when did Creation Begin, or How old is Adam when was he born and died, fathered Seth etc.  The question is when did Rome mimmick the Hindu Indians at fixing the age of Creation and of the earth with the Kali Yuga?  The answer is 538 AD and Ussher confused 538 AD with BC 538 when calculating the age of Adam living in BC times. 

 What we are also asking then is How about Noah at 600 and 950 (?) and Lamech (782) and Methusaleh (969).  

 In your asking the question as to the dating from father to son (lifespans of Patriarchs adding to 1656 at the Flood, etc) I have an important thing to show you which will prove why and how adding and subtraction the numbers found in the bible will yield to the idea dating creation (backwards) in particular the Great Flood.  

 First of all you should be familiar with "2947" as the Birth of Noah date according to Ussher.  4004 - 1057 = 2947

Now I mentioned the year 2194 BC as the sinking of Atland date from the Oera Linda Book, familiar?  

And, here’s the first part, 2194 – 1656 (BC TIME, as Creation was only determined in 538 AD by the Hindus and Astronomy of Venus and the other Planets) = 538.  So in 538 AD, the great Flood was thought to be 1,656 years in Before Christ time and 538 years After Christ, which totals to 2194 “BC” which is an incorrect date for the Flood or sinking of Atland.  Let me explain further.

2947 (Birth of Noah:Ussher) = 2194 (Sinking Atland/Flood:Oera linda Book) = 753;  753 BC is the birth of Rome and total death years of Lamech, so let’s say the birth of Rome got in the way of these dates being referred to the same event (Great Flood) at different times.

 And, if the total ages of Aztec sun Stone are added up (Legend of the suns) there are 2513 years which is 319 years over 2194.  319 BC is the date for the destruction of Tula, again 4004 (Creation) - 2513 = 1491.  In other texts 1491 is an Exodus date not a Flood date.  So the mystery plot thickens...

2947 (Noah Born Ussher) – 187 (Age of Methusaleh when he fathered Lamech 187) = 2760 “BC” = Copts Egyptian Calendar Start.

2947 + 519 (Mayan time cycle venus round x 10) = 3466 (death date of Adam, when Creation is 4396 BC, see attached graph titled ADAM born 4396 “BC”)

Methuselah lived after he fathered Lamech 782 years and had other sons and daughters." (187 + 782 = 969).  Lamech lived 753 years.  Lamech (753)

2947 - 782 (Methuselah lived after fathered Lamech) = 2946 Noah born at 1056 from 4004,  this is fathering the order of patriarchs in reverse order!
2947 + 97 BC (Astrological conference of HuehueTlapallan India or Mexico circa 97 BC noted by Ixtliiloxochitl as year 5097 from Creation, identified by me as 3900 from Creation.) = 3044 (Astrological Zero Aries watcher of the East Michael Enoch Quetztalcoatl Christ.  3044 BC = 952 BC if 3996 is 1 AD.

 If 3997 is 1 AD then 3044 is 953 BC.  953 is 270 years (aftermath number of 9/11) + 683 years (death of Pacal Votan AD).  

2947 + 538 = 3485 (Arabic flood date of deluge beginning pyramid’s built, in Adam’s 911th year.) 3485 (Arabic Flood date) + 519 (Mayan time cycle venus round x 10) = 4004 Ussher date for Creation And finally 4004 is also 538 years from 3466 (Adam as Cheops date of death if Adam as Cheops were born in 4396 “BC”)

2947 (Noah begins) + 538 (Kali Age ends) = 3485 (Arabic Flood date) + 416 or 418 (years between sun standing still and Calendar corrected with equinoxes) = Approximately 3900 or 3903 or 97 BC.  3903 + 97 = 4000 Masonic Age of light or for 1 AD.  

2947 is 753 years from the Flood of 2194.  753 BC plus 538 AD  1291 years number of years is 365 years short of 1656 (Patriarchs backwards from 538 AD to Flood of 2194 BC)  1291 = 614 (manipulated time cycle time of Mohammad) + 676 (Age of Tezcatlipoca, adversary of Quetzalcoatl) + 365 (age of Quetzalcoatl/Enoch) = 1292 = 292 (Abraham born after flood) plus 1,000 years.

2947 + 753 = 3700 + 365 (Quetzalcoatl age of the wind again) or 366 = 4066 = Crucifixion year from Creation of Quetzalcoatl in approximately 69 AD

IF Adam were Quetzalcoatl as Enoch then 987 years from 3409 bC birth of Enoch as Quetzalcoatl the other way (instead of 3409 + 987 = 4396 = Adam Born) should give insight into the number of years Adams birth became confused.  What I mean is 3409 – 987 = 2422 (alternate birth number of Adam) + 1582 (Gregorian Calendar time change) = 4004

Furthermore 2422 + 622 (Enoch up to God) = 3044 =  the date for when Archangel Michael and the star Aldebaran matched with the zero point in Aries. This is from  the website: http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Aldebaran.html

Aldebaran is the Greek Omma Boos, Latin Oculus Tauri, and the early English Bull's Eye. "Bull's-eye" is what we call "the centre of a target, which usually carries the highest score", and "a precise or highly effective achievement"

The great "red giant", war-like Aldebaran is one of the four "Guardians of Heaven" - sentinels watching over other stars. It formed one of the four royal stars of Persia as "Watcher of the East".

These were also called archangel stars;  this star Aldebaran was Michael  - Military Commander of the Heavenly Host. The others were; Gabriel (Fomalhaut) Watcher of the South; Raphael (Regulus) Watcher of the North; Uriel (Antares) Watcher of the West. At one time they marked the two Equinoxes and two Solstices. Aldebaran marked the zero Aries point in 3044 BC,..” 

 1,000 years before Quetzalcoatl’s arrival in 4044 aC, and 3044 + 365 years until translation = 3409 birth of Quetzalcoatl.  (see one or more of attached scan drawings)

3692 (69 BC Jewish) + 374 = 4066 (69 AD Crucifixion Kent) 
374 = 270 years + 104 years (104 years Toltecs wandered the continent of India or Mexico before settling in Huehuetlapallan  270 years = number of years giants had been destroyed (or, not simply,  de-story-ed?) see below information which is extremely important information that changes the date of the Crucifixion of Christ.


15. In the year Ce Tecpatl, which was 5,097 years since the creation of the world and 104 years after the total destruction of the giant Quinametzin, all of the land of this new age being at peace, a council was held of the leading scientific, astrological, and artistic scholars of the Tultecas in their capital city called Huehuetlapallan. Here they discussed many things, including the destruction and the calamities that had taken place, as well as the movements of the heavens since the creation of the world. They also discussed many other things; but because of the burning of the records, we do not know or understand any more than what is written here. Among other things, they added the leap year to the calendar to adjust it with the solar equinox; and they discussed many other interesting things as will be observed from their records and laws regarding the years, months, weeks, days, signs, and planets. These, along with other interesting things, were understood by them.
16. It had been 166 years since they had adjusted their calendar with the equinox and 270 years since the giants had been destroyed when the sun and the moon eclipsed and the earth quaked and rocks were broken into pieces and many other signs that had been given came to pass, although man was not destroyed. This was in the year Ce Calli, which, adjusted to our calendar, happened at the same time that Christ, our Lord, was crucified. And they say that this destruction occurred in the first few days of the year. 

3900 (97 BC) + 166 (number of years since the toltecs adjusted their calendar = 4066
Apparently the giants were defeated in 200 BC, or thereabout, yet the last battle was in 63 BC according to the Lamanites and Nephi records

3996 (Kent Creation date) -3044 = 952 (Between Noah’s age at death and beginning of first Jaguar Sun of Aztec, 950-954 BC)

Moving on to something different but the same, and bear with me, for there are many ways to skin a cat and if you haven’t gotten a calculator out yet you’re not trying hard enough to grasp of graph these numbers.

While we are on the tangent of fixing the age of zero Aries, it is helpful to find that 3044 is 684 years more distant in the past than 3728 which I put at 33 BC, but understand that there are nearly 270 extra years that became added or subtracted to determining Christ Birth and Creation.  270 is a number that meant INRI in Hebrew Gematria and was before Jesus affixed to ISIS and Pregnancy.

Lets test the same 2947 BC date against my date for when the Jews call "33 BC" let’s call that the birth of Christ in 33 BC (http://aristean.org/birthmay23.htm) and that was the year 3728 years from Creation according to the Hebrews.  2947 - 3728 = 781; who do we know that "lived" this long in the bible?  Lamech. 

The age of this Creation was only determined in 538 AD, because this is when the Hindu Kali Yuga aged ended and began, an age that started, 1,972,944,000 + 4029 years after the Kali Yuga began in 3102 BC.  3102 BC in the Jewish Calendar is only 660 years before Creation (bC), if Creation is 3762 “BC”.  660 years is the time that the builder of the Great Pyramid gave for building it and for the date becoming confused. See http://www.ancient-wisdom.co.uk/Ghizppendices.htm

 4004 – 364 (Aztec world age) = 3640 – 538 (538 AD Beast with Seven Heads Rome/ Kali Yuga End of Creation Measured Astronomically) = 3102 (Kali Yuga)

From Archangel Michael in 3044 zero Aries matching star Aldebaran to 2345 Cancer Regulus and Raphael watcher of the North are 700 years.  700 years is a well know cycle in Egypt in dealing with the Hyksos, Menes and the time of Exodus.  From Menes to Exodus disaster is 700 years I believe 2194 (flood) - 700 = 1494 (exodus) 

If we put 3485 BC at Cancer in the Heart of the Lion as the Arabs say when the Flood commenced then add 700 years we arrive at 4185 if we subtract 2947 we find 1238 (Exodus date sun stood still Joshua) 

Surid Ben Shaluk had his dream of the Flood 300 years prior, so 3185.  The end of the year of Kali Yuga “4029” is not 928 AD as mentioned by John Bentley in his book of “A Historical View of the Hindu Astronomy: From the Earliest Dawn of Science ...” But rather the year 4029, in my system for deriving Creation is year 33 AD.  What happened was 3996 + 33 = 4029.  Yet this date is 37 years from the year of the Crucifixion in the year 4066.  I’m afraid I’m right about this. 

This explains the numbers “37” and “33” BC and 33 AD in new light.  Also year 40 from 4066 is 4026 (Jehovah’s witness birth date BC for Adam)

And 4026 – 3728 = 298 years of manipulated time in determining Creation dates based on the birth of adam at creation.

3102 (Kali Yuga) + 928 (Venus indication of Kali yuga end AD) = 4030 – 3762 = 268 years after Creation (aC). 

3185 (Dream) + 300 = 3485 (Flood) + 243 (Venus cycle) = 3728 = 33 BC (CHRIST birth)

3409 (Birth of Quetzalcoatl) + 776 (Olympic Games “BC”) = 4185, 1,000 years after dream.

3102 (Kali Yuga) + 270 (Isis/Pregnancy/Creative Intellegence) = 3372 (Maya calendar beginning date “BC” is really only 624 years “bC” or 3,372 after Creation “aC”

 *3373 is the date discovered by Maud Makemason for the Long Count beginning

3100 (Tula ancient Teotihuacan where the Gods came down to Earth years from creation, confused for civilization in Egypt Sumer Mesopotomia) + 309 Years Tula survived before destruction) = 3409 = birth of Quetzalcoatl and destruction of Tula + 319 year bC = 3728

2194 + 1534 (753 Noah + Lamech 781) = 3728 (33 BC Jesus)

2194 + 753 (Rome Birth Age) = 2947 (Noah birth Year Ussher, but not “2947” BC 2947 aC after Creation started.) + 781 (Lamech age)

3996 – 1049 = 2947  (1049 = 753 (Rome BC Birth) + 296 (tax code of manipulated time See Was Our Calendar Manipulated  1049 or 1050 = Menes years confounded. See table of kings beginning with Menes by Erastothesenes

Hence, Menes and Adam were confounded with Quetzalcoatl and Noah

The result was Cheops Khufu and Job. 

4396 BC Cheops born – 930 years

3466 Cheops dead + 538 = 4004 =Creation date with birth of Adam placed at 930 years BC or 4396, 930 from 3466 if the death of Adam is where the BC/AD division of time is set. 930 years should be 2536 bC but, time was thought of going the other way in BC times the number got higher from the death of Adam.

The Kali yuga was based on 432 cycle and the 10,000 year cycle, this had to do with the revolutions of venus and after 4,029 years more, guess who came, Jesus Christ!,  the year was 33 AD!

3102 “aC” not BC, Kali Yuga begins + 364 = 3466 = death of Adam this is where Adam is confused for Enoch, or Quetzalcoatl. Where 4396 – 987 (Enoch death, 622 + 365) = 3409 “aC” not BC for Birth of Quetzalcoatl.  Or said another way 3409 aC is 319 years before 33 BC, or 352 BC.  “352” is the way of Jesus, see link http://jesus8880.com/chapters/gematria/jesus-is-the-way.htm

Also, 3409 aC birth of Quetzalcoatl, destruction Tula, is 283 years from 69 BC. 

The return of Quetzlcoatl 1 Reed was in 4044 which is 283 years plus 352 years or 635 from his birth.  The reason Anno Domini time keeping came into play was only from 283 AD onward is because the myth of Quetzalcoatl/Jesus has become the false way of time keeping (satanic) by the Popes and early Emperors of Rome.”

Job lived 140 years.  The Flood was 2807 “BC” and Noah Born in 2947 according to Ussher, that is a difference of 140 years.  70 BC + 70 AD = 140 years. 

3692 (Hebrew reckoning) = 69 or 70 BC 

3996 (Kent Creation Year) – 33 or 34 years = 3962

(270 year difference)

4033 (Boturini Jesus Christ Birth Year) – 270 = 3763 = 1 or 2 AD by Hebrew reckoning

3552 (Manetho list of kings Egypt history Menes + 140 = 3692 = 70 BC.

3996 (Kent Year Creation) – 444 = 3552

Please do not think I do not know what I am doing with numbe4rs.

Last but not least, 3114 “BC maya fourth world age calendar begins + 930 = 4044 = arrival of Quetzalcoatl in 47 AD

47 AD Return of ADAM’s generation as not Christ but Quetzalcoatl + Lamech and Rome’s Age death/birth 753 = 800 = Generation of Adam = 5197 Creation year 800 years ahead more ancient than 4396 Creation Year that is based on Toltec and Jaredite and olmec timetables discovered by Ixtliloxochitl.

Again the difference between the highest and lowest Creation date became.. (a question of dating the Kali Yuga and the Maya fourth age event)  

You should be impressed if not you are not worth anybodys ‘TIME”

There is still so much more, including the number 235 how this relates an error between Adam and Seth in that 3996 (Kent) and 3761 (Jews) = 235 4779 (Sun stood still Ixtliloxochitl) + 318 (Destruction of Tula/birth of Quetzalcoatl) = 5097 = 97 BC Equinoxes measured by Astrological conference at HueHueTlapallan

Also, 4396 – 130 (Seth born) = 4266 BC = Heru tata F , So n of Cheops chief inspector of Emerald Tablets oldest date of Book of the dead, preparing the body for afterlife, secret of immortality sequestered?

2422 (Adam Born alternate date) + 1574 (ritual killing of Sequenre Tao II) = 3996 (Creation age of Earth dated by Graham Kent, 8 years different from Ussher)

It all sounds confusing because that's how and why you and the world have become confused about how to interpret the bible and time (chronology) itself.  Everything that became part of history can be explained with numbers.  The difference is I am literally rewriting history of Adam as I write this.  This is the biggest discovery on the planet.  

There is much more but this will do as I too discover much more daily

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. 
- Hamlet (1.5.166-7), Hamlet to Horatio

 But thank you and god willing

For I know I am the true king of Peace and Terrorism

My birthday on Earth is the ritual death date of Osiris

I am the king of terror and the second Christ

This is my announcement I made in 2004, 8 years before “2012”

And don’t even get me started on Pacal Votan and Jesus Christ and his “TOMB” and his living Prophecy of the new time.

The 1260 years of the Beast have come and gone

The 7 signs have come and gone

All that is standing between me and End Times is TIME itself for I am the one who transcends this world and will fulfill all prophecy
I am a jaguar priest who knows nothing, nothing but a lot more than some.

Tekton Kinnich Graham Khenti amentu aka the king of terror/tara/tarot/terra

Please view following scans as these may aid in your and others self discovery and help in developing a better understanding of time, take your time!!!

Scan 1

Scan 2

Scan 3

Scan 4


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