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Discussion 4 to Meditation 27
Atheist or Agnostic

by: Jonathan Lobl

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We are still having that same old tired argument over which label to use. Atheist or Agnostic. There is no real disagreement over what we think. Just which label to use. As usual, people are making simple things complicated..

Atheist: "I don't believe God exists." That's all the word means. There is no argument or denial. "I don't believe."

Agnostic: "I don't know whether or not God exists." Well, who does? What objective, verifiable facts do we have about God? None. None at all.

Apatheist: "I don't care whether or not God exists." For the people who are done with arguing metaphysics and can't be bothered with the questions -- much less the answers.

I really like Apatheism. No more silly questions about belief vs. knowledge. No more silly questions about faith. No more silly questions about standards of evidence. No more stupid arguments about metaphysics. No more questions about what it would take to change your mind. No more arguing over who has the burden of proof. It is simplicity itself. "I don't care whether or not God exists." It doesn't matter and I don't care.


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