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Meditation 31
Arguments and Additions

by Levi Matsumi

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I am an Agnostic and I have been looking at the meditations and I have some arguments and additions that would be of interest to any Agnostic.

Every theory of the origin of the universe drives us into inconceivabilities. The Atheist tries to think of a self-existent world, uncaused and without beginning; but logic cannot perceive anything without beginning or uncaused. The theist merely puts the difficulty back one step; (God created the universe) but who created god and who created that one and so forth? All ultimate religious ideas are logically inconceivable.

All ultimate scientific ideas are equally beyond rational conception. What is matter? We reduce it to atoms, and then we find ourselves forced to divide it even more as when we divided the molecule; we are driven into the dilemma that matter is infinitely divisible (which is illogical) or that perhaps that it has a limit to its divisibility (which is also illogical).

It is also with the divisibility of space and time; this is also an irrational idea. Motion is wrapped in a triple obscurity, matter changing, in time, its position in space. When we analyze matter resolutely, we find nothing at last but force; and who shall tell us what this force is? The cause of these inconceivabilities is the way that the human mind thinks. It understands by relating, relating to previous experiences and noticing the differences between them. If we come upon something that is beyond our reasoning (our ability to relate), then we are confused.