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Meditation 100
Celebrating One Hundred

by: JT

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Rather amazingly, at least to me, this is the 100th in this series of essays. When I published Meditation 1 in early 1996 I had no expectation so many would follow. I initially thought I might write perhaps four of them a year, and that modest goal was difficult to achieve. There were only nine written by the end of 1999.

But motivated by a growing interest by others in the web site, I got increased inspiration; and in a little over three years, a further ninety meditations have now been published. Not all written by me of course; a good number have been submitted by others. And while initially Meditations was the only essay section, we now have the Reflections and Ask the Patriarch sections to which I contribute.

These documents are not static. I do update them when I consider it necessary, generally to correct a spelling or grammar error which I had not noticed earlier. But sometimes there is new information to impart, such as a new footnote to Meditation 1 added on the current update.

I don't claim to be a deep thinker. The "heavier" articles have generally been contributed by others. While I do want to communicate ideas and challenge the reader to think, I prefer to do it through amusement rather than rigorous logical argument. And I get concerned when this section gets too serious for too long.

If I had to pick a favourite out of these writings, it would be Meditation 8 - Primal Cause Revisited. I think it does a good job of demonstrating a Supreme Being is not required for creation (something Peter Luckett has coincidently taken on again in Meditation 99,) and it does it pretty simply. And it ends on a little joke. I wish I could feel as good about everything else I have written here.

This isn't the end by any means. I hope, in about three or four years from now, to be reflecting back on the first 250 Meditations.