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Revisiting Wallace

by JT

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Returning home from my trip last month, I was passing Wallace and decided to drop in and update my photography as I have a higher quality camera than six years ago.

Not much has changed except that some of the shrubs and trees which were formerly around the 10 Commandments have been removed, so the monument now stands out a little more. Also, the large stain which previously ran down the center of the monument (probably tree sap) has mostly been cleaned off.

It's almost as if it is now considered a tourist attraction, and worthy of maintenance. I hope that's not my fault. If so, then the bordello musem needs a paint job.

But still, I consider Wallace worth a visit if you are passing by.


Shoshone County Courthouse

10 Commandments

10 Commandments Monument

Oasos Bordello Museum

Museum Sign