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Meditation 129
Sick of the Unknowing

by Mike Davis

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I am so sick of religious and righteous mindless cretins who claim God's Law is the way to live your life, because if everyone followed God's Law there would be no murder, rape, theft, or any of the endless atrocities man commits on man.

But why can't these people just follow the laws we have?! I can't see why it is that difficult to live under Society's Law. Why do religious crazies need to secede from the rest of society to follow God's Law, and then try to foist it on everyone else?

And may I ask; what is just provocation for committing an act of violence on someone? Is it OK to kill abortion doctors because they break God's Law? Is it OK to beat someone because of a car accident, or because you got hit? People wrote the Bible, if that's the God you choose to follow. No God ever did. So what you end up following is just a book. Some have used their belief for good, and most, I'm sorry to say, just use it to excuse the fact that they are bigoted, judgmental, hypocritical, racist, mindless imbeciles who can't make decisions for themselves.

Forcing religion on people is fundamentally wrong. Spirituality comes in many forms, it grows from an act of free will. Forcing religion on people is the best way I know to make people hate it. Their view is that morality starts when you agree with them.

If you believed in Karma you might understand why you have cancer. It's most likely your payments for living the life of a judgmental asshole. And you know it!! I would not come to your deathbed to wish you goodbye. Happy trails, weak horse!