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Meditation 150
A New Agnostic Membership Organization

Expected to be the next phase in our growth (but it didn't pan out.)

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Effective with the current web site update (31 August 2003), uctaa.org[1] is the home of a new membership organization.[2] This new organization is legally incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the name "Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic, Inc."

While this organization will share some nomenclature with the Apathetic Agnostic Church, it is financially and operationally separate. I will continue to operate the ApatheticAgnostic.com web site and will not be involved in the management or operations of the new organization.

UCTAA Inc. will be a true member organization representing the interests of agnostics everywhere and promoting the cause of agnosticism. It will also provide support services to agnostic clergy. Its activities and role will go well beyond simply maintaining a web site, and I would expect it to take a much more public role. As a member organization, its activities and operations will be funded through membership fees. That means your support is needed.

I strongly encourage anyone interested in promoting agnosticism and in protecting our rights as agnostics to join this new organization. Visit the web site to sign up.


  1. We thank John Karpf for hosting uctaa.org for several of our early years. Currently Chris Kirby has taken over hosting.
  2. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to keep interest sufficiently high to make this work. uctaa.org has reverted to being just a discussion board. The incorporation was allowed to lapse. If anyone is prepared to volunteer for a long-term commitment and get this going again, please feel free to do so. I am old and I am mortal. It would be nice to have a successor organization to pick up when I leave.