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Meditation 159
The Path to Enlightenment

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I received a membership application with the following request:

"...give us your assistance on our pathway of enlightenment."

In my experience, most people who ask "Enlighten me" are speaking ironically, or more often sarcastically. They think they already possess the truth. In this particular case, a further request that I provide a link exchange to lds.org confirmed that the writer really was not interested in agnostic enlightenment. Rather, this communication was probably the direct result of an antagonistic encounter with unwelcome Mormon missionaries at my door two days earlier. (More on this later.)

Many religions offer what they call enlightenment. It is something Apathetic Agnosticism does not claim to offer. Nor do we need to.

But for those who want to know how to get onto the "pathway to enlightenment," I will offer the following guidance:

Seek only the truth; seek not "The Truth."

Follow this guideline; then, you will protect yourself from falling under the spell of religious dogma and the darkness of religious enlightenment.