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Re: Denying the Hallowed in Halloween

by: Dawn Wessel

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This is a good and well-researched article. The Catholics were always adopting celebrations that did not evolve from original Christianity. Dan Brown is doing a good job of catching them up on their history - to the Vatican's distress.

However, you might be surprised to know that Evangelicals and Catholics (though both called Christian) are entirely different religions - they have almost nothing in common. Though the Catholics quote from the Bible, most of them do not know it very well whereas Evangelicals are strongly Bible oriented.

The poster you are seeing on this article is an Evangelical one and they attach demonic activity to every little thing. How do I know this? I used to be one of them. Wouldn't even let my kids watch Ninja Turtles because I was afraid the eastern meditation thing would influence them. Scary? Yes!!!

The Catholics are super lenient about everything except sex. All of the Catholic problems we've been hearing about are related to 'sexual' abuse by people in positions of power. This happens because from a very early age they are taught that normal sexual feelings are dirty - that produces unhealthy facinations and behaviour about sex. You can be an alcoholic and kill yourself by smoking ciragettes but using a condom is a sin (never mind that many parts of Africa are being decimated by AIDS because the last Pope made the disturbing decision to ban condom use).

I believe religious problems are a result of 'following after human personalities who make ridiculous laws based upon their own bias and incorrect understanding of the Bible'. The Bible (New Testament - Paul the Apostle) actually instructs people 'not' to follow 'after men' because we then give them the authority to make our decisions for us.

All hail to the apathetic/agnostics who think for themselves.