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Meditation 189
Same-Sex Marriage

by: JT

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The President of the United States (as of 2004) has come out in favour of an amendment to the Constitution defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Three quarters of the states already have such a provision in their state constitutions, or have passed laws to this effect. And why? Apparently so that the institution of marriage will not be undermined by same sex unions.

Yet how the marriage to two men, or two women somehow undermines other more traditional marriages is beyond me. The fact that about half of all heterosexual marriages end in divorce suggests that it is factors other than gays and lesbians that are undermining the institution, if it is indeed being undermined.

To its credit, the city of San Francisco has started to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples in a challenge to California state law. The first couple[1] to get married as a result of this decision had been living together for 51 years.

51 years together! When I read of recent heterosexual marriages performed in Las Vegas lasting less than 51 hours, I really doubt that legalizing the relationship between two people who want to spend a lifetime together could possibly be considered to have an adverse effect on marriage.


  1. Congratulations and our wishes for happiness to Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin