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Discussion 1 to Meditation 249
The Jesus Mysteries

by Andy Mackowiak

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Last week I travelled to Europe from the US. Since I needed something to read on the flights and I remember being intrigued by this Meditation a while ago, I searched out The Jesus Mysteries by Freke and Gandy. I implore everyone with an open mind to read this book! Whether one agrees with their conclusions or not (appropriately titled "The Jesus Mystery Thesis"), the book is exceedingly well-reasearched and informative.

I only have a few small quibbles about it, the main one being the absolutely enourmous amount of footnotes in it. For the 250 pages of the book's text, there was an additional 70+ pages of small-print footnotes plus another 10+ pages of bibliography and historical figures.

I realize that this is just a book review, but in my opinion, not nearly enough has been made of this book; I just wanted to bring attention to it again. I hope that many of you find it as interesting and enlightening as I did.

Andy Mack

PS They have other books as well; I am currently engrossed in one of them, Jesus and the Lost Goddess.