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Meditation 259
An Inspiration to Us All

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I had intended to drop the subject of Mormon missionaries for a while since they seem to have determined that it is in their interest to leave me unconverted. (Meditation 255) But then, they came for mention up in a novel[1] I'm currently reading. The passage made me laugh out loud, so I'm sharing it. The narrator is reminiscing about his late Great Aunt Daisy:

"... She was a remarkable figure, a pugilistic 4'10" who communicated with the neighbours via solicitor's letter. She once went to court for breaking the foot of a Mormon who had put it in her doorway. While wondering that a woman of her size could slam a door hard enough to break anyone's foot, the magistrate concluded that the Mormon, all 6'5" of him, shouldn't have had it in the doorway in the first place. He'd also noted that the Mormon had been given a clear warning: 'Take your filthy foot out of my lovely hallway.' My auntie was found not guilty and had to be restrained from having another go at the Mormon on the way out of court."[2]

Great Aunt Daisy could serve as an inspiration to us all. Not that I would recommend or encourage violence as a solution to the LDS missionary problem. Nor the similar Jehovah's Witness problem.


  1. Girlfriend 44 by Mark Barrowcliffe, St Martins Griffin (Like most of my book purchases, it was remaindered - thus cheap. But worthwhile.)
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