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Discussion 1 to Meditation 297
About that Apple

by: Jayaraj

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I am Daniel from India. I happened to read "About Adam And Eve and the Talking snake" by Russel Odell. It was mind blowing.

I was searching the net about "The Apple", since I was not convinced by the narration given in the Bible. Though born in a faithful Christian family, I had some doubts.

  1. Didn't God know that Adam will be alone before creation.

  2. Was that really "An Apple or a fruit"?. I don't think so. "Apple or a fruit" meant something else.

  3. Why did Mary wasn't focused properly in KJV. (as I read some of the DELETED CHAPTERS).

  4. When no man has the rights to delete or include a word in the Bible, How come people delete things?

And my doubts go on. As for me, no evil spirit exists. It is our mind that is Good or Bad. If think Good, it is HOLY. If you think bad, you are the Devil. Contextual things are understood literally.

Coming back to the Apple, I really appreciate this article. This was an eye opener for me. Thanx by the way !!!!


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