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Meditation 383
To a pathetic ill-informed coward

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Dear Pathetic Ill-informed Coward:

I received the following message from you today:

Name: TM1
Email: tm@deleted (false address)
Category: Feedback
Reference: Archko Volume, etc.
Remote Name: (IP address retained)\
Date: July 20, 2005
Time: 09:11:48 AM


For not caring one way or the other, you have certainly put a good deal of effort into contrary arguments. Apparently your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Jesus exists.

While I may disagree with many of those who submit their comments criticizing this site or recommending alternative religious views, I respect them as individuals because they do provide their names and valid e-mail addresses. They are willing to stand up and be identified for what they believe.

But not you. You hide behind "TM1," whatever that signifies, and you hide behind a false e-mail address. Are you concerned I might reply suggesting I disagree, and that you would instantly lose your faith as a result?

Interestingly, Christians like to point to a long history of martyrs - people who died because they were willing to stand up for their faith. Do you really think you are a Christian in your pathetic cowardice?

Well, perhaps I understand why you are not prepared to stand up and be identified. Not only did you provide false contact information, you also provide as a reference a book (The Archko Volume) which has been conclusively proven to be false, a nineteenth century fraud, a set of spurious forged documents.

Then, you follow up that disinformation with a cheap shot - demonstrating you had not cared enough to determine the sense in which we use "apathetic" and "we don't care." The facts are well documented on the site ( Meditation 79 and Ask the Patriarch 26 are just two examples,) but you were more interested in a trumped up accusation of hypocrisy than determining if the accusation was warranted. Save your accusations of hypocrisy for the mirror.

Finally, you close with "Jesus exists."

I suppose you expect that closing to be convincing. Upon seeing it at the end of your message, the light will go on and I will suddenly believe. In spite of the fact that everything preceding "Jesus exists" is a pack of lies, and you have established negative credibility, you somehow expect that final statement to be accepted as true.

No wonder you are ashamed to identify yourself. You pathetic coward!

And if you are not sure who I am and cannot be bothered to research it, this article was written by John Tyrrell who is responsible for this web site. I am not afraid nor ashamed to stand up and be identified for my Apathetic Agnosticism.