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Most of the stuff people worry about never happens

Meditation 395
Don't Worry;
Be Oblivious

by: JT

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After publishing Meditation 394, I noticed my local Assembly of God church was displaying the sign pictured above.

Most of the stuff people worry about never happens.

What are they trying to tell us? At least, on the surface it would seem they are suggesting that people worry too much, and perhaps some people do. But, as the sign is being displayed by a Christian church, it is reasonable to assume they are communicating the same message as Billy Graham's "turn to Christ and put your future in His hands." In other words, "Don't worry, Leave it up to God."

However, there is a very good reason why most of the stuff people worry about never happens. That is, because people do worry, and take steps to ensure bad things don't happen.

I worry about fire, so I have smoke detectors installed. I worry about being overdrawn at the bank, so I balance my chequebook regularly. I worry about running down a child, so I drive prudently on city streets. Worry causes me to take reasonable precautions, and lessens the chance that what I have concerns about comes to pass.

There was a small filler item from Germany in Thursday's paper. A woman was going to church and the crucifix fell from the steeple, killing her. Apparently, church authorities did not worry about the structural integrity of the building. They left it up to God.

It is correct that most stuff I worry about does not happen. And that is because I choose to be in charge of my life. My life is too important to leave in the hands of a deity.