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Meditation 422
All in the mind?

by: Donald J Fiore

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After years of pondering this is what I have come up with. Because humanity is based in biology there is no way to prove that God exists.

Let's break it down. All perception (Vision, Hearing, Taste, etc.) has a biological basis. We see because our retinas perceive contrasts in hue and light. We are dependent on these biological bases for information. Even our thoughts are assumed to be based on electrical current running through neurons. So now to make the point let us imagine a blind man. A blind man can not imagine color. They have never percieved such an element and it is therefore unknowable to them. Humanity suffers the same defect in that we do not have the eyes to see God. We are products of the world around us and therefore have no way of proving God exists. Truly this is the belief of many agnostics and I do not believe this segment of my argument is in any way original.

However, I have applied the same theory to our environment in general. For example, because my sight is dependent on my eyes I can only rely on these organs to believe that the computer screen in front of me is glowing blue. Now it is naive to believe such organs cannot be manipulated. Therefore, it is possible that this computer screen does not even exist. This is usually the point where I get those looks like I'm insane. But hey, a few absurd thoughts may just open the doors to some sane ones right? So, let's move on.

If I can apply such a theory to my five senses, I should be able to apply it to my thoughts. After all, my thoughts are based on my brain which in fact is an organ, and is thereofore corruptable. Now if you're still with me and not rolling your eyes let me conclude. Humans are essentially completely dependent on their perception. This includes their thoughts. Which would then lead to the idea that because thoughts are based on a biological element it is absurd to believe that they actually exist seeing that you are proving their existence in your thoughts.

Therefore, we fall into a very depressing and apathetic state where there is no real conclusion. We are simply equal to our environment. Completely dependent and ignorant beings discussing meanings and gods that have originated in our own minds. We are forever senseless animals ignorant to the workings around us if any.

Thank You.