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Meditation 499
Superman and Jesus

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There's a new book[1] out claiming that the creators of the comic book character Superman deliberately modelled the "Man of Steel" on Jesus. This is a book I have no intention of reading (unless someone else wastes their money and makes a gift of it.) However, it has at least some evangelical clergy excited; not because they object to what would seem to be a heretical argument, but they see it as an exciting new way to attract young believers.

It is not a new idea. There are many web sites (such as this one from the Journal of Religion and Film) claiming parallels between Superman and Jesus were present throughout Superman:The Movie (1978).

Still, is it a realistic comparison?

Next up to tap the wallets of Christians -- watch for an upcoming book suggesting parallels between Bruce Wayne / Batman and Saul / Paul.


  1. The Gospel according to the World's Greatest Superhero by Stephen Skelton.