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Discussion 4 to Meditation 503
Skye Alexander

by JT

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As I wrote in my earlier comment about my letter from Kreskin:

"Someone must have put me on the psychic sucker mailing list."

This week I got a letter[1] from Sky Alexander who bills herself as "Author - Magickal Practitioner - Lecturer." According to her I have a lucky period coming up starting October 5. And for a small fee, she can help me take advantage of it. It's apparently all written down in "The Akashic Records." (an invention of Edgar Cayce - another phony psychic)

If you want to see the full letter - all eight nauseating pages plus a brochure and a fake-handwritten note, I have scanned it and made it available as a pdf file. Read it, and despair of humanity that any person who can read would be taken in by this garbage.

Sky Alexander is well known. She has her own web site and her books are available at various online book stores. However, you can find also find discussions about similar letters from her at scam.com; complaints.com; and howtocomplain.com. I'm obviously not the only one to regard this as a nothing more than fraud.

And in my opinion, Skye Alexander is knowingly running a scam.


  1. Just like Neelie, Skye Alexander sent me another letter pointing out that I had not responded to her first one. As if I did not know I had deliberately ignored the first one! Another eight pages of trash plus enclosures. She appears desperate to scam me out that $24.95 .