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Meditation 540
The evidence in the world around us

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Returning once more to the Billy Graham quotation addressed in Meditation 538, let's look at the first sentence.

I have often asked myself why some people have a hard time believing in Christ, especially when there is so much evidence for God's existence in the world around us.

Once again, Dr. Graham has made errors in logic.

First of all; suppose there really was evidence for a god's existence in the world around us. While that might point to the evidence of a god, it says nothing about Christ. As countless non-Christian religions prove, it is possible to believe in a god without accepting the Christian variety. Evidence of a god does not necessarily mean Christ existed.

Secondly: where is all that evidence for God's existence in the world around us? Basically it comes down to: "All this exists. God must have created it." Seeing the world around us as evidence for God includes an implicit assumption God exists. It is a circular argument.

Suppose there was a myth that the universe was created by a cosmic elephant taking a dump. Then the argument becomes "All this exists. The story that a cosmic elephant created it by taking a dump must be true."

Suppose I consider the theoretical possibility that high energy physics can be used to create a singularity which will expand into a new universe. Then the argument becomes "All this exists. This must be the result of a physics experiment undertaken in another universe."

None of these arguments truly answers questions about the true origins of our universe. Right now, the correct answer to "Where did all this come from?" remains "I don't know." Any other answer is pure speculation.