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Meditation 576
All bow down before the mighty... ... wheel!

by: K.H.

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I propose a new religion based on worship of the wheel.  YES!  That amazing thing that saves lives, creates prosperity, and takes us to our last earthly resting place. 

The first evidence of a wheel dates back over 5,500 years ago.  The wheel has been there throughout history, witnessing the highest and lowest times of human civilization.  It is a humble thing who never complains and works to support our existence.

I propose that the wheel be a deity because it is still in existence.  I mean, it has survived all of this time in spite of geological, social, and economic changes.  Nobody has been able to replace it.  You may ask, why would you deify something that simply has survived the test of time?  You might say, “Of course it has survived!  It has been so useful through the ages!”

I could say the same thing about religion.  I mean, how much “utility” has religion had for those who have propagated it?  It is a king maker and a king destroyer.  It has kept entire populations in line and it has created incredible wealth and prestige.

That is the real reason that religion has survived this long.  All the believers are left with is the miracle that religion and faith have survived to modern times.  I see no difference between religion and the wheel.

...except that, in this day in age, the wheel is MUCH more useful to me.