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Meditation 589
Narcissistic Personality Disorder: The Insanity Hypothesis

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The standard answer to "What created God" is that "God was not created, he always existed." To avoid the problem of something creating a god, it is necessary to assume that the deity existed for an infinite period of time[1] before creating the universe.

Suppose this is true.

Imagine a supreme intelligence existing for an eternity with no external stimulus - existing with only one fact, its own existence - to ponder with its vast intellect. There is nothing else to think about for an infinite period of time except "I am; I am; I am..... ..... me, me, me, me, me......"

What is going to happen? It is going to go stark raving bonkers. An eternity of nothing to think of but itself will practically guarantee total insanity. An insanity so profound as to be beyond human understanding.

The mythologies of the various pantheons of gods all contain tales in which various gods experience bouts of insanity, so the concept of a crazy god is nothing new. However, when we consider insanity as a feature of the god of any of the monotheistic religions...

   ...well, that explains everything. The illogic and the inconsistencies of the deity are all now understandable. But still... I think I prefer the idea no god to an insane one.


  1. Anything less than infinite time, and you have the "where did God come from" problem.