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Meditation 606
Some Implications of Intelligent Design

by: Phil van Bergen

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If, for one minute, we accept Intelligent Design as a valid hypothesis, would we not also have to include Intelligent Genocide in the equation? 

In order for God to cause evolution by intelligently manufacturing design modifications that benefit the reproduction of only a few members of a new branch of a species, he would by neccessity condemn the non-modified (the unfit) to death by starvation. If they are competing for scarce resources , then they will certainly starve. 

Is this in keeping with the image of a loving God who loves all his creations?

Additionally, if evolution is a series of experiments (as evidenced by extinct lines of evolution) and God is controlling evolution, then the inescapable conclusion is that God is an experimenter and is not all-knowing. 

God is red in claw and tooth (if he exists).