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Meditation 628
The Final Message

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Earlier this week, I hiked into the mountains just outside of Waterton Lakes National Park.

It was a familiar trail that I had done a dozen times before, but a mile up the trail, there was a branch to the right I had not noticed before. I checked the trail map, and the branch was unmarked. "Strange such a well-defined trail is not on the map," I thought. "Why not explore?"

It went up a gentle slope and shortly it turned to the right, leading to a vertical rock face and into what appeared to be a long-abandoned mine. As I was alone, and no-one knew where I was, I quickly rejected the idea of looking inside. I turned to go back to the main trail.

Suddenly, clouds filled the sky overhead and a downpour began. I started to jog back to the trail now just wanting to get back to my car. Then the hail began. I had no choice but to retreat to the mine opening.

Directly inside the mine entrance was an old wagon, presumably once used for hauling ore out of the mine, still on the rail tracks leading further in.

I checked my pockets for the waterproof matches I carry when hiking. Then I looked around for some wood intending to light a fire to warm up and dry off. I saw a couple of old partially-broken boxes against the mine wall. As I moved to collect the wood, I saw a glow coming from further inside the mine.

I moved cautiously towards the glow, unsure of what I might be about to find. Then I saw that it emanated from a number of golden translucent forms ceaselessly moving. I could not identify what I was seeing, but I decided to back away. Then one of the forms separated from the rest and moved swiftly towards me.

"John, we've been waiting for you. I am Gabriel. I once gave humankind a message through a messenger, but the message was perverted. You have been chosen to correct that message."

Another form came forward. "I am Xenu. I too once gave humankind a message through a messenger, but the message was perverted. You have been chosen to correct that message."

And another one "I am Moroni. I too once gave humankind a message through a messenger, but the message was perverted. You have been chosen to correct that message."

And yet another "I am Holy Spirit. I too gave humankind a message, I gave it to many messengers over a thousand years, but the message was perverted. You have been chosen to correct that message."

And dozens more came forward, one after another, each with a different name, some familiar, some not, and each one had given a message through a messenger which had been perverted in a different way.

And then Gabriel said "We have chosen you, John, to be the final Messenger to give mankind the True Message from the One and Only.

"But what are you," I asked. "Are you angels? spirits? extraterrestrials?"

"What we are does not matter. We are just servants of the One and Only."

"But, what is that? A god? a being from the past? or the future? or from another reality?"

"It is all explained in the Book; it explains the past, the present, the future, and the True Will of the One and Only," Gabriel replied. "We are giving you the Book written on sheets of gold. It's entirely written in your language so there is no translation problem. Just scan it into your computer and publish it on the Internet. All in the world will then be able to read for themselves the Truth about the One and Only."

"Then the golden pages will remain as evidence of the source of this book?"

"No! Once read, either by eye or by scanner, they will disappear. The Words of the Book will stand for themselves."

I asked "Will you appear with me when I release the book to support the truth of it."

"No! We can only be seen by the chosen Messenger. You are the only one to whom we are visible. The Words of the Book will stand for themselves. Humankind must have the Book to know the true Will of the One and Only."

"The Book is on gold pages and is heavy," Gabriel continued. "Go get the wagon from the entrance, and it will make it easier to move the Book from inside the mine, then down the trail to your car. Do not be tempted to read the Book, as it will be lost except for what is in your memory. Take the Book home and scan it with your computer so the Word is recorded faultlessly."

I went back to the mine entrance. It was still raining outside and I realized that I was still soaking wet and cold. Before doing anything else, I resolved to warm up and dry out. I went to get some wood for a fire from the old boxes.

They were dynamite crates. One was still half full. Next to it was a cardboard carton containing some fuzed blasting caps. And then I knew what I had to do. It was dangerous as the dynamite was old and sweating, but I had to do it. I carefully loaded the explosives into the wagon, inserted a blasting cap, lit the fuze, and shoved the wagon down the tracks into the mine.

"A message from the Messenger" I shouted. "We don't need another stinking sacred text!"

And I ran. As I hit the main trail, I heard a mighty explosion. I looked back. All was quiet; there was no smoke; no debris; and the woods had closed in. There was no indication the branch trail had ever existed. Some hikers came up the trail from the parking lot below. We exchanged the usual greetings, and none asked about an explosion.

I slept remarkably well that night.