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Meditation 654
Religion and the 2008 US Presidential Race, II
The Christian Candidate

Like it or not, religion is an issue in the current US Presidential race. This issue is being raised primarily by believers rather than the agnostic and atheist community. I don't intend to endorse or to oppose any of the candidates I might mention in this series, just comment on the issue of religion in the election and invite further discussion.

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Mike Huckabee is running advertisements proclaiming himself to be The Christian Candidate, not A Christian Candidate, but The Christian Candidate. It is an interesting position given that every candidate, both Republican and Democrat, is apparently a Christian.

Huckabee is Baptist pastor, an anti-evolution creationist, also anti-gay rights and anti-abortion. But does that make him The Christian Candidate? Are those with different opinions automatically non-Christian?

Of any of the candidates, Huckabee is the one who is most active in making religion an issue. In particular, he is the one openly making an issue of Romney's Mormonism. And by self-identifying as The Christian Candidate, he makes the devoutness of every other candidate in question. He is making an issue of something which should not be an issue in a secular society.

What I find interesting is that the big names in the Christian Right have been looking for a candidate to endorse. Huckabee seems to be their ideal candidate. However, as yet, they have not formally backed him. What do they know about him that we don't?