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Chess imageMeditation 664
The Parable of the Chess Game

by: Will Petillo

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A scientist and a mystic were playing chess. The scientist went first, moving the pawn in front of her king up two spaces in order to open up options with her queen and bishop. Then the mystic reached out his hand, knocked over the scientist's king, and said, "I win."

The scientist blinked in surprise, then said, angrily, "You can't do that! That is against the rules!"

The mystic replied, "Why should I have to play by your rules?"

"Because that is how the game is played," said the scientist, " and chess is pointless without the rules."

"Well I play differently," said the mystic with a smile, "and I like my version better."

The scientist and the mystic argued on and on like this, but their disagreement was never resolved. Eventually, they parted ways, both considering themselves the winner of the chess game.