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Discussion 1 to Meditation 667
The "power" of prayer

by: Manny

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Meditation 667 is an excellent meditation on the "power" of prayer. I am reminded of two other episodes demonstrating this power. First was a recent story on the national morning news of a woman who was carjacked at gunpoint and forced into the trunk of her car. As she was being abducted she prayed and remembered that there was an emergency release in the trunk, which she pulled and was able to escape. When asked about her escape she said "Prayer works!" I suppose that the automaker deciding to put in the emergency release had nothing to do with it.

The second example was the burning down of a local Baptist church a few years back. One of the members told me that the fact that the steeple was saved was a sign from God and that upon praying about it they were instructed to take the insurance money and build a bigger and better church. He didn't like it at all when asked if perhaps the real "sign from God" was the fact that the church burned down in the first place and the saving of the steeple was a sign from the firefighters.