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Discussion 1 to Meditation 669
What is the original source?

by: Betsy DeVille

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I really enjoyed the Creed of Science.

I wondered if you had any information about where/ what book this came from?

Kindest regards,


JT replies:

Hello Betsy:

Thank you for writing.

As noted in the article, I got it from the Bank of Wisdom on a CD of Ingersoll's works that they used to sell.

I am not sure where it was originally published, but I do find that it appeared in several newspapers all across the USA back in 1915 (so it was probably a syndicated filler item.)

I should note that as printed back then, the creed did have an additional sentence at the end, as follows:

The creed of science is the best for all mankind, and there are but six words which need to be kept before the worshiper of this creed TRUTH, LIBERTY, COURAGE, LOVE, MERCY, PITY.

Best wishes

John Tyrrell

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