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Meditation 721
Cosmic Parlor Tricks

by: Manny

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Here we go again, kids. With yet another hurricane descending upon the Gulf Coast, leave it to the poor deluded Christians to turn it into an opportunity to put forth their silliness.

After Gustav blew through my city a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to one of them how lucky we were that the storm has not been more damaging than had originally been projected. His response was "It wasn't luck, it was God."

I asked why God would have sent such a storm in the first place if it was his intention to weaken it. The predictable response was "To remind us that He is all-powerful and to get us to turn to Him in prayer."

I asked how he could be be comfortable with worshiping an asshole who destroyed homes and lives in order to receive obedience and prayers offered in fear, since a loving God wouldn't have to resort to cosmic parlor tricks. Needless to say, we aren't talking anymore.

So, thank you, Gustav.