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Meditation 734
Life-saving apparition? Or not?

by: Rev Leah M Senarighi

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You recently answered a question about an apparition of the Virgin Mary. This morning I was watching The TODAY Show where another picture supposedly containing some kind of apparition (in this case an “angel”, not a “ghost”) saved a girl’s life.

Now, needless to say, without having to listen to the entire story, I drew to my own conclusions of this “miracle” based on these kind of things I have seen before:

  1. The picture was taken at a hospital, from the hallway, aiming towards the room entrance where I assume the little girl was staying. Hospitals have large windows in their rooms and it just looked like the sun shining through, coming into the hallway and nothing more;

  2. Since they mentioned it was an “angel” and not a “ghost”, we would assume since the child survived whatever she was in the hospital for (hey, I said I didn’t listen to the whole story! Doesn’t matter anyway), that they would call it an angel since ghosts don’t really save us, they like to haunt us;

  3. Whenever an angel “appears” Christians and religious folk alike will interpret what is going on to fit the situation. Since the child survived, it “saved” her, but if the child was to die, would it have been the angel to take her home?

Christians will do that with prayer as well. They will pray for whatever they need and will base that prayer with whatever may happen in that situation. Either God answers the prayer accordingly or he will pull some kind of a trick cuz “God works in mysterious ways”. Don’t they just think its pure coincidence? Maybe some kind of mind over matter? (If you have a headache and use mind over matter, you can actually heal yourself, or wish it away as your over-the-counter analgesic kicks in. Or if you are cold, and you imagine yourself on a hot beach, you might start feeling a little warmer.) This whole controversial sighting thing, be it ghosts, angels or otherwise, I think is a bit silly since we are creative creatures with imaginations and can take any shape and turn it into what we want to see for whatever reason we see it’s need for.

I sometimes see rabbits and whales and once even a very detailed male part in the clouds in the sky, but I don’t think it’s God trying to tell me anything…except maybe that I should remember to feed my fish and maybe find time to spend with my boyfriend…

The Rev Leah M.S.