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Meditation 747
We watch the game

by: Paul W. Sharkey

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When I first became aware of the UCTAA I was attracted to its avowal of agnosticism and amused by its expression of apathy.  Who with any sense of humor wouldn’t be moved to laughter by its motto: “We don’t know and we don’t care”?    I had taken its agnosticism seriously and its apathy humorously, believing that any objections would come from dogmatic theists or dogmatic atheists motivated by their respective claims to have knowledge about things we agnostics do not.   In other words, that our adversaries would be motivated to criticize us for our agnosticism, not our apathy.  However, I have now come to the conclusion that I was wrong. 

It seems to me that being an apathetic agnostic is somewhat like being a spectator — or perhaps even a referee — at a sporting event who, though perhaps having an interest in the sport itself, has no particular team loyalty to either of the contestants playing it.   We watch the game but have no particular interest in who wins — only that the game is played well and fair.  Now who could be against that?    Fanatic team-loyalists, that’s who;   those who come from an attitude that others must absolutely care about and believe the same things they do or else be seen as an enemy and pay the penalty.   They view the disinterested spectator — or even the referee — no differently than they do each other because they are not really interested in an honest, fair, and well played game but only in winning and “being right” and they think the only way of doing that is for everyone else to agree with and care about the same things they do. 

Well, all I can say to them is:  I don’t care!