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God told me to do it - 1

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A Bolivian Protestant priest who said he was on a divine mission hijacked a Mexican plane in mid-air this Wednesday, 9 September 2009,  with 104 people on board.

According to the priest, God told him to do this

I'm sure that all makes sense to someone.

It seems to me, writing this on 11 September, that anyone who thinks God has told them to hijack a plane should take the time to question whether it is actually God talking to them.

Fortunately, the incident ended with no-one injured, and the hijacker in custody. It was determined he was acting alone, even though he claimed he had accomplices on board - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Still, the threatened earthquake has not yet hit Mexico. Perhaps, given that prayer does not work, hijacking is preferred the way to get God's attention.