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Meditation 847
The well is dry

by: JT

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I have been doing this for about 15 years now. I'm surprised I've managed to keep at it this long, but in large part, it has been due to the predominantly positive feedback. But, it seems I've run out of things to say - on the subject of agnosticism anyway. I've had real trouble the past few months with producing new articles.

Right now, I've nothing new to say on the matter. I'm empty of new ways to say what I've said several times before. And saying the same old things in the same way is boring, both for me as the writer, and you as the reader.

So - I'll be taking a break from attempting to produce regular updates.

That does not mean there will be no updates - but they will largely depend on you providing the material.

I'll continue maintaining the site; I'll continue looking after membership and ordination applications. I'll just be taking an indefinite break from the discipline of trying to do weekly updates.

Perhaps my inspiration will return in a few months; perhaps not. In the meantime, I'll be quite happy to publish the efforts of others. But that depends on you.