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Meditation 854
What's Your Religion?

by: Shawn

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What's Your Religion?

What happened to separation of church and state? If our constitution was written to protect the people from government imposition of any religion, then why are so many people now concerned with what religion President Obama is? The man claims he is Christian, yet the public sees him as a Muslim, and that of course is a bad thing in Christian eyes. Some want to point to the fact that if Obama were Christian he wouldn't do this, or do that, and so on.

Basically he is being called a hypocrite because of perceived contradictions in what he claims he is compared with some of his decisions and actions. Hmmm. Sounds like EVERY Christian I know. Say one thing, do another. I am sure the same exists in other religions too. And dare I say it, in politics as well.

"Peace!" being the proclamation of all, just so long as you follow the same fables as the rest of the flock.

Why should we play the my myth is better than your myth game? History is riddled with example after example of people of one religion after another killing people of another religion to convert them and destroy them. Christianity is not exempt from this any more than Islam is.

Read the Old Testament. Peace loving God had the Jews kill women and children as well as armies in order to take a promised land.

Does this sound morally acceptable to you? I want your land and property, because God promised it to me, so I am gonna kill you, your wife, and your kids. Praise the God of Peace.

Does - and should - a person's valued mythologies have any bearing on secular policy? I say "No!"

What matters is Principle. Humans should be striving to uphold principles that are life affirming for all people. We shouldn't be required to believe in fantastic stories of life after death, miracle healings, or voices from the sky in order to be worthy of the company of others, or worthy of having the right to live, for that matter.

Isn't it enough that we just live in peace with one another, and leave the war for oil, land, and storytelling behind us so we can all work towards a common goal of human betterment?

Maybe then we could truly call ourselves civilized people?????