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Meditation 875
A Jesus G.D.F.H Christ! Shout-out
to The Reverend Franklin Graham

by: JT

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In a talk to the students at a private Christian college this week, the Reverend Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham) criticized the public memorial service for the Tucson victims. Jesus Christ was not mentioned enough.

Jesus!, Franklin -it was a public memorial service. It was for everyone, Franklin, regardless of faith. It wasn't a Southern Baptist memorial service; it wasn't a Christian memorial service. It was a public memorial service to which agnostics, atheists, Muslims, Sikhs, Wiccans, Native American religious followers, and adherents of every religion on the face of the earth together with Christians were welcome.

Jesus!, Franklin - it wasn't a revival meeting, it wasn't a missionary service,it was a public memorial service. It wasn't a funeral - and I'm sure at the Christian funerals for the victims, Jesus got the requisite number of mentions.

According to the Reverend Franklin Graham, because Jesus did not get enough mention, apparently the husband of Representative Giffords was not properly comforted.

Jesus! Franklin - Representative Giffords is Jewish! That's no secret.

Now, Franklin, I know Jesus was a Jew - but Jews don't pray to Jesus. They'd don't consider Jesus to be the Son of God, nor the Messiah. Many of them would prefer the likes of you to keep quiet about Jesus in their presence. Like most other non-Christians, they get weary of having your Jesus stuffed down their throats on the slightest pretext.

The Reverend Franklin Graham stated "Why did they leave him out? They scoff at the name of Jesus Christ."

Jesus!, Franklin. Not saying "Jesus" in no way constitutes scoffing. Perhaps, Franklin, you could argue that overuse of the word "Jesus" constitutes scoffing. But Jesus!, Franklin, that probably applies to most of the sermons you preach.

Here's something to bear in mind, Franklin. Exodus 20 verse 3. I'm sure you've actually given a sermon or two on that passage. Saying Jesus just for the sake of saying Jesus probably breaks that commandment. And demanding that others say Jesus just for the sake of saying Jesus probably breaks the commandment too.

And Jesus! Franklin - if there is a Jesus up there listening - he's probably getting a little weary of hearing his name thrown around pointlessly.