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Meditation 877
The Terminator From the Planet of the Apes

by: JT

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Watching the CNN video linked from A Miscellany 292: Ark Theme Park, I noticed an astonishing resemblance.

Ken Ham Dr. Zaius
Ken Ham
Answers in Genesis
Dr. Zaius
Planet of the Apes

Suddenly, the Creationist and ID movements come in to focus.

Sent back in time from one of a countless number of possible futures - a future where apes have evolved to rule the planet - Ken Ham is on a mission to destroy the human race by destroying science. If he succeeds, humankind will sink into ignorance, superstition, and savagery, and subsequently destroy itself. Only then will the apes be able to evolve into the dominant species.

Ken Ham is... The Terminator from the Planet of the Apes.

Now playing at a megachurch near you.