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Meditation 920
A Basic Difference between Science and Religion

by: JT

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As we see in the previous article, when true believers are shown that the literal Truth of their scriptures are demonstrably wrong, at least some of them just dig in their heels and say "No, our scripture is not wrong. Your science is wrong."

On the other hand, when an accepted scientific theory is proven wrong, scientists recognize it and proceed to develop a better theory.

At a physics conference held recently in Mumbai, it was announced that results from the Large Hadron Collider had failed to find evidence of supersymmetric particles - particles which are predicted by and required for the simplest version of supersymmetry.

Dr. Joseph Lykken of Fermilab responded:

"It's a beautiful idea. It explains dark matter, it explains the Higgs boson, it explains some aspects of cosmology; but that doesn't mean it's right.

"It could be that this whole framework has some fundamental flaws and we have to start over again and figure out a new direction."

And that's the way science is supposed to work, and generally does work most of the time. Out with the demonstrably wrong theories, admit you don't know, and develop a new theory for testing.

And that is far superior to rigidly holding on to beliefs that have been proven wrong.