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Meditation 928
Who's the tyrant? Who's the coward?

by: JT

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While in Bellingham, WA, I noticed a van adorned with several religious bumper stickers, and this one stood out.

Democrats are tyrants - Republicans are cowards - Jesus Christ is our ONLY hope

Now while there is much to criticize about both major US political parties, tyrants and cowards are not appropriate criticisms. They are dishonest characterizations. And by making these two false assertions, the creator of the bumper sticker calls into question the third.

Now in my experience, those who want to abandon the political process and turn the United States over to the strict rule of Jesus Christ are those who follow the narrowest and most bigoted forms of Christianity. They are not the Christians who talk of a loving God and Christ as the Prince of Peace. They don't have an ecumenical outlook. Rather, they are those whose Christianity is based more on the law as found in the Old Testament.

That's fine as long as they apply that law solely to their own lives. But of course, that is not their intention. They want to impose their narrow law upon everyone.

Now that's tyranny.

And of course they do not, and can not, justify this imposition other than It's in the Bible or It's what Jesus demands of us.

They don't take any personal responsibility for providing a rationale for their interpretation of biblical laws. They just hide behind the name of Jesus.

Now that's cowardly.