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Meditation 955
An insane god who lacks morality and decency.

by: JT

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Last week I published a joke about Westboro Baptist Church. In retrospect that may have been a mistake as this despicable group of homophobes has once again managed to sink to a new low. They are no laughing matter. Rather, they are simply disgusting.

The retch-inducing scum of Westboro Baptist have announced they are going to picket the funeral of two little murdered brothers, aged 5 and 7. The pitiful excuse the bigots have come up with is that the murder was a message from God condemning the legalization of same-sex marriage in the state of Washington.

Right! We are supposed to think that God, who could have sent a message by striking dead every state legislator who voted for the measure along with the state governor. Surely sending a fatal bolt of lightning at each of these people would have been a clear message from God that he was somewhat miffed.

But no. The Westboro Baptist Church's god does not work that way. Apparently their God works by arranging for the boys' father to attack them with an axe, grievously wounding them, and then burning them alive along with himself. That's how the Westboro Baptist Church's god works.

Westboro Baptist Church: A congregation of insane people lacking any sense of human decency believing in an insane god who lacks morality and decency.