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George CarlinMeditation 956
Unbaptising George Carlin

by: JT

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I was rather surprised to find that the Mormons had baptised George Carlin after his death. After all, he was quite outspoken in his opinions about organized religion and certainly was not a member of the LDS Church in life. I consider his after-death baptism to be an insult to his memory and to all those who respected his views on religion.

Before I proceeded with any action to undo this ceremony, I thought it would be wise to see if Carlin had ever expressed any specific opinions on the LDS Church and after-death baptism. It turns out that he had something to say on the matter in his 1999 HBO special.

Something is wrong here. War, disease, death, destruction, hunger, filth, poverty, torture, crime, corruption, The 2002 Olympic Winter Games, professional wrestling and Mormons baptizing dead Jews. Something is definitely wrong.

"Mormons baptizing dead Jews." While that probably was inspired by the scandal about the LDS Church baptising Holocaust victims, I think it indicates George Carlin probably found the ceremony in general distasteful.

Accordingly, and in view of our common humanity which makes me a relative, however distant, of George Carlin, I have unbaptised him. Only the LDS baptism mind you. He was baptised as a Roman Catholic as a baby, and he certainly lived long enough to have made a decision himself on whether or not to reject that. But the after-death baptism was done without permission. And on his behalf, it is now revoked.

Certificate of Revocation of After-Death Baptism - George Carlin

(click on image for large document suitable for framing)

Feel free to use our unbaptism.org to undo the baptisms of others on the Famous Dead Mormons site. You might want to start with Gypsy Rose Lee - or Pope John Paul II. Send me copies of the certificates along with a brief explanation of why you chose to revoke the baptism for posting in the discussion to this article.

I'll be doing Huxley myself shortly. (Now done) His unwarranted after-death baptism I take personally, as should all agnostics.