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Meditation 985
Prayer and the Plan

by: JT

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I have often wondered how some Christians manage to believe in both the power of prayer to effect miracles and that their God has some kind of master plan. To me, these two ideas seem incompatible. After all. how can a Christian expect God to amend his perfect master plan? How can a Christian have the nerve to even ask? And if the objective of the prayer was already in God's plan, then the prayer achieves nothing that wasn't going to happen anyway.

But perhaps these Christians don't hold these concepts simultaneously. Perhaps they just default to the belief which seems applicable in their current circumstances, and put the other belief out of mind.

Not so! Trying to track down something else in the strange world of Christian blogs, I stumbled across this prayer request:*

Come pray with me!

I know that mass prayer produces miracles, I know that if we pray with true intent that God will answer, I know that his will be done and that everything happens for a reason, there is a master plan! Please join me in prayer each day, lets make miracles:)

There it is in one sentence. Prayer works. God answers. God has a master plan. And no problem holding it all together in the Christian mind.

But my agnostic mind, tainted with rationality, just boggles.


* On Bended Knee (halfway down right hand column.)