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Meditation 989
The White Buffalo and End Times

by: JT

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Lately with some regularity, one of the ads which Facebook chooses to present for my entertainment is promoting a so-called Great White Buffalo Prophecy.

Naturally, as someone is willing to pay for the privilege of getting me to view the nonsense they've written all about this prophecy, I make a point of clicking on the ad frequently. And a couple of times I've drilled down into the rabbit hole to see just how those behind this website are.

Apparently, the Lakota and other North American tribes consider that: "A white buffalo is the most sacred living thing you could ever encounter."[1] And a white buffalo was born in Oklahoma in early 2011. Naturally, various native North Americans gave the event a great deal of significance with respect to native North American spiritual traditions.

But a couple of white men also gave it a great deal of significance by deciding arbitrarily to reinterpret the prophecy as applying to them and Christian End Times prophecy. The thought process seems to have been (based on my reading of their website):

Now, for some years, these two brothers have been running an apocalyptic Christian church which they call the House of Yahweh. They have come to the conclusion through intensive bible study that they are the Two Witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11:1-14.[2]

Again, my assessment of their thought processes:

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Just as do all end times prophecies.

If you see the ad for these two clowns and their white buffalo prophecy, do give it a click. Facebook is having trouble meeting profits forecasts and every penny helps.


  1. The Legend & Importance of the White Buffalo
  2. Perhaps they are not aware that Robert Weinland also claims to be one of these two witnesses in his long running failed prophecy. But no doubt there are any number of other 21st Century prophets out there with thier own end times predictions and their own claims to being one of those two witnesses.