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Meditation 997
Another film, another type of protest

by: JT

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There is another film that has been released which deals critically with the founder of a religion. Unlike the pathetic The Innocence of Muslims referred to in the previous Meditation, this film is critically acclaimed. I refer to The Master, based to a large degree on the life of L Ron Hubbard, although names are changed in the film.

Scientologists are notably protective of their religious beliefs and of the exaggerated respect they have for the founder of their faith. They have a reputation for dirty tricks and excessive litigation - which has served to undermine rather than support their reputation in the past. And no-one I am aware of has ever spoken up publicly in favour of suppressing free speech in order not to hurt the feelings of Scientologists.

In this case, the response of Scientology to the film is reported to be, not dirty tricks, not litigation, but... a publicity campaign. That's right - they are going to counter free speech with free speech.

And that's how perceived offenses against religious beliefs should be dealt with.