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Discussion 1 to Meditation 1001
Thanks, and a reading recommendation

by: Marie Dueck

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I have de-converted from the fundamental evangelical religion that I was raised with, but I am SURROUNDED by people like the one you met on your hike. I do not have numbers and facts at the ready, and do not always know how to approach this kind of misinformation. Avoiding the conversation by not responding is what I default to. Thanks for being there JT, to give voice to those of us who are freeing ourselves from the bonds of religion.

I have just read Edward Falzon's book "Being Gay is Disgusting".* I have never slugged through the OT and don't know many Christians who have. When read in paraphrase as in this book with a witty and outrageous twist, it is so unbelievable.

Thanks again - and please keep the website alive. Your writings encourage many of us out here in the vast bible belts of ignorance.



* Being Gay Is Disgusting: The Complete Book Of Genesis is currently available as a free download in epub format from Edward Falzon's Biblical Morality Blog.