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Discussion 1 to Meditation 1028
The Pope: Not the world's spiritual leader!

by: John Tyrrell

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There was an article* in the Huffington Post today on the Pope's resignation which opened with the sentence:

The Pope is the world's spiritual leader.

No, he is not. He most certainly is not. And he never has been. I am quite prepared to acknowledge the Pope as spiritual leader of Roman Catholics, even though a significant number of them reject his spiritual direction on issues such as birth control. But spiritual leader of the world? No ________** way!

But, the arrogant men who have filled the position have never been shy of making this dishonest claim.

And that's one of the reasons I have been so critical over the years. The Pope presumes to give moral guidance to everyone in the world, regardless of religion. And yet - he somehow finds it difficult to set a basic moral example in his own little mini-state of which he is a dictator with absolute power. And he somehow fails to get his clergy who owe him absolute obedience to set a basic moral example.

I can only hope - and it is a hope without hope - that whoever the conclave selects is truly humble enough to limit his preaching to his own flock, and leave the rest of us to manage without his guidance.

The Pope is not the world's spiritual leader. He never was. He never will be, regardless of who holds the position.



* No More Pope, No More King by Lucia Annunziata, Huffington Post, 11 Feb 2013

** Insert your own expletive.