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Meditation 1055
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by: John Tyrrell

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On Wednesday, the US Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act. Dire predictions followed.

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Senator Rand Paul: But it is difficult because if we have no laws on this people take it to one extension further. Does it have to be humans?

"Does it have to be humans?", he asked. Is Senator Paul predicting we'll be having legalized sex with Fido? Or with ET?

Bookmark this page - check back in a year. Does the family pet have new duties. Are UFOs treating Earth as a brothel?

Glenn Beck: “You are about to lose your right to have your church say I’m not gonna marry homosexual couples. …"

Beck is apparently claiming that churches are going to be required to officiate over same-sex marriages even if they oppose them. I suppose this is just like the infamous law that requires Catholic priests to officiate over the marriages of divorced Protestants. In other words, Glenn Beck is a fear-mongering idiot.

Bookmark this page - check back in two years. Are fundamentalist pastors in the USA being forced to officiate over same-sex marriages against their will?

John Nolte: All the arguments that won the day on the issue of same-sex marriage directly apply to the idea of polygamy: Why shouldn’t more than two consenting adults who wish to, not be allowed to get married?

Polygamy is coming; polygamy is coming. I doubt it, but I thought these "Christians" were in favour of biblical marriage. And their concerns about polygamy are?

Bookmark this page - check back in three years. Is polygamy legalized in the USA?

Bryan Fischer: “The DOMA ruling has now made the normalization of polygamy, pedophilia, incest and bestiality inevitable.”

Is there anything Fischer missed out there? Perhaps he should have thrown in furry sex for good measure.

Bookmark this page - check back in four years. Is polygamy, paedophilia, incest and bestiality now considered normal in the USA?

Rush Limbaugh said that the DOMA decision is part of the disintegration of the United States.

Yup - the country is falling apart. I've always felt that if the USA were to disintegrate, it would be due to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and his dittoheads.

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And then there's Pat Robertson, always good for a making a new failed prophecy:

“Read the bible because Sodom and Gomorrah, that’s where the term comes from, sodomy. Look what happened to Sodom. After a while, there wasn’t any other way, so God did something pretty drastic.”

Bookmark this page - check back in ten years. Has fire and brimstone rained down upon the USA from heaven?

Ten years ago (2003), a series of court decisions started which led same-sex marriage to be legalized in Canada, province by province, and finally in 2005 a law was passed in Parliament legalizing it nationally. Since then there has been no increase in polygamy, paedophilia, incest, bestiality, or even sex with aliens. No church has been forced to conduct marriages it does not agree with. The country has not fallen apart. Fire and brimstone has not rained down. Life goes on ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on.

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