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Meditation 1067
Heresy 478: the spirituality of vengeance

by: Gordon Wayne Barthel

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Preacher Bob here, yer trailer trash heretic, with blasphemy 478. Many religious organizations expect us to believe the almighty is a vengeful character. Since the supreme religious figurehead is vengeful, we are expected to believe vengeance is spiritual. Truthfully, vengeance is anything but spiritual because genuine spirituality is the pursuit of the spiritual trinity: love, compassion and forgiveness.

Fortunately, given the spirit of pious hypocrisy, most religions also acknowledge love, compassion and forgiveness as the noblest and most venerable of spiritual virtues. So, while one half of their mouth advocates the value of the spiritual trinity: love, compassion and forgiveness, the other half extols the virtue of vengeance.

Though religion has a long history of extolling vengeance, it is anything but spiritual for vengeance is the complete and utter absence of love, compassion and forgiveness. It grows from hatred through and through; it offers no compassion, no mercy to its victims; and it contains not a microgram of forgiveness. Vengeance is the absolute antithesis of spirituality, and yet religion expects us to believe the almighty immortals endorse it.

Personally, if heaven is run by vengeful immortals and their vindictive followers, then send me to hell where vengeance is futile because hell is overflowing with the rejects of snotty religions.


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