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Meditation 1072
Heresy 489: the right to participate

by: Gordon Wayne Barthel

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Preacher Bob here, yer trailer park heretic, with blaspheme 489. Who am I with my feeble, half-educated wit to question the omniscient intellects of theologians with their heads in the clouds and their noses firmly embedded in the perfumed posteriors of immortals?

Oh, yes, I know! I am a member of a democratic society where everybody, even the dumbest of the dumbest, has the right to say their piece. I am a citizen of a civilization that says every human with the power of speech, verbal or otherwise, has the liberty to toss their twoonie into the discussion.

I am a member of a technological culture that encourages everybody to participate in the dialogue, even if they are fundamentally retarded (and by retarded I do not mean lacking cognitive faculties, but voluntarily retarding those faculties).

And if that isn’t enough reason, I have the right to question everything and anything for one fundamentally simply reason, because whoever or whatever created us, gave each and every one of us the ability to speak. We have not only the anatomical ability to speak, but we also have the cognitive faculties to formulate and articulate thoughts, feelings, ideas, experiences and memories. Bottom line, each of us has the right to speak simply because we are naturally endowed to do so.

Apparently, such simple reasoning is beneath the great and glorious intellects of the high and mighty theologians and immortals. Or maybe the infinitely superior intellects simply do not comprehend that mere mortals have the innate capacity to speak their mind.

Then again, maybe the omniscient ones simply do not wish to listen to the dumbest of the dumbest speak their mind. Now, that is something even I could understand. That is something I could even empathize with.

Still, like it or not, everybody has the right to participate in the discussion simply because they have the natural endowments. And if the omniscient immortals cannot comprehend that, they need their wits examined. And if they don’t like my views on this subject, then, by all means, speak up and join in the dialogue. Putin and Obama could do it if they wanted.

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